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Beginner's Curriculum

Level 1:

Form: Wu Bu Quan

Kick: Front Slap Kick

Punch: Front Punch


10 Push-Ups

20 Sit-Ups

20 Second Horse Stance

Level 2:

Form: Ba Bu Lian Quan

Kick: Outside Crescent Kick

Punch: Palm Strike


20 Push-Ups

40 Sit-Ups

40 Second Horse Stanceg part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Level 3:

Form: Shi Ba Lohan Quan

Kick: Double Snap Kick

Punch: Uppercut Punch


30 Push-Ups

50 Sit-Ups

60 Second Horse Stance

45 Second Iron Bridge

Level 4:

Form: Liuhe Quan

Weapon Form: Staff

Kick: Back Sweep Kick

Punch: Vertical Punch


40 Push-Ups

60 Sit-Ups

80 Second Horse Stance

60 Second Iron Bridge

1 Tile Break

Intermediate Curriculum

Level 5:

Form: Xiao Baji Quan

Weapon Form: Broadsword

Kick: Tornado Kick

Punch: Rolling Back Fist


50 Push-Ups

70 Sit-Ups

100 Second Horse Stance

80 Second Iron Bridge

2 Tile Break

Level 6:

Form: Da Baji Quan

Weapon Form: Spear

Kick: Multiple Side Kick Versions

Punch: Elbow Techinques


60 Push-Ups

80 Sit-Ups

120 Second Horse Stance

100 Second Iron Bridge

3 Tile Break

Level 7:

Form: Beng Bu Quan

Weapon Form: Straight Sword


70 Push-Ups

90 Sit-Ups

140 Second Horse Stance

120 Second Iron Bridge

4 Tile Break

Level 8:

Fprms: All previous empty hand forms

Weapon Forms: All previous weapon forms plus Cane/Double Daggers


80 Push-Ups

100 Sit-Ups

160 Second Horse Stance

140 Second Iron Bridge

5 Tile Break

**To Enter Into Advanced Level Training, Student Must Demonstrate 7 Empty Hand Forms, 5 Weapon Forms, And Complete All Conditioning Levels**


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